Dispatch Raises Concerns About Leaked Investigation Details on Lee Sun Kyun’s Case After Police Raid

dispatch lee sun kyun
dispatch lee sun kyun
Credit: MBC

Police have raided Dispatch to confirm the leaked investigation information related to the late actor Lee Sun Kyun.

The Gyeonggi Nambu Provincial Police Agency revealed that they executed search warrants on January 23rd for the Incheon Police Agency’s narcotics investigation unit, media outlets, and others, including Dispatch. According to Dispatch, the police have collected a significant amount of investigation-related materials, including personal electronic devices belonging to Dispatch’s employees.

In response to the raid, Dispatch released an article titled ‘[Notice] Hope it doesn’t end with the raid on Dispatch’ on January 23rd. Within the article, the media outlet mentioned that the publication made on December 28th revealed the original Incheon Police report. The issue at hand is the screenshot of the actual police report included in the article, which was drafted on October 18th, 2023.

dispatch lee sun kyun
Credit: Dispatch
dispatch lee sun kyun
Credit: Dispatch

Dispatch disclosed that on October 19th, 2023, Gyeonggi Newspaper ran a story titled ‘Top Star L Under Investigation for Drug Suspicions’ and argued that Lee’s name was leaked to the media before the police launched an official investigation.

Moreover, Dispatch alleged that the investigation heavily relied on unverified statements from informants and stressed the importance of probing into the source of leaked voice recordings and edited police statements of the incident.

They also urged a transparent investigation into the information that fueled media reports about Lee Sun Kyun’s alleged drug use before the official investigation even began. They also raised questions about the source of the police report provided to Gyeonggi Newspaper on October 19th, the voice recordings given to KBS on November 24th, and the fragmented statements shared with JTBC on December 26th.

dispatch lee sun kyun
Credit: JTBC

Dispatch also clarified that they obtained the document through a third party and expressed hope that the police’s search and seizure operation would not be used to cover up the police’s flaws.

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