Decoding the Mysteries: Inside IU and BTS’s V’s ‘Love wins all’ Music Video

iu love wins all explained
iu love wins all explained
Credit: EDAM Entertainment

IU has unveiled the music video for her pre-released track “Love wins all,” captivating audiences with its unique aesthetic and compelling performances. The video features the stellar acting of IU and BTS’s V and the distinctive visual style of Director Um Tae Hwa, prompting fans to watch it multiple times. IU’s agency shared an interpretive guide and a brief interview from Director Um, offering insights into the video’s deeper meanings.

The Enigma of the ‘Square’

One of the most debated elements among fans is the “square” that persistently follows the protagonists. Theories range from “an alien force that has taken over the world” to “a virus-infected zombie” and “a ghost causing anomalies.” The “square” symbolizes discrimination against the protagonists and, by extension, represents the various forms of discrimination and oppression prevalent in our daily lives.

The Significance of the ‘Camcorder’

A recurring element in the video was the “camcorder.” Although the video is set in the present, the camcorder’s display shows a world before it became a ruin. The lens of the camcorder represents a filter of love and serves as a crucial device to view the beautiful aspects of the world beyond the physical or internal attributes of the characters.

iu love wins all explained
Credit: EDAM Entertainment
Main Characters’ Appearance

The music video is seen as a survival story in a dystopian world, focusing on a mute person and another who sees the world only with their left eye. sA close look on IU’s lips reveals a small chain, symbolizing her difficulty in communicating with the world. V, wearing a white lens over his left eye, indicates the duo’s significant challenges in navigating the world’s obstacles. Despite these challenges, they rely on each other in a ruined world, determined to overcome their weariness and injuries.

Why a Wedding Dress and Tuxedo?

The choice of a wedding dress and tuxedo for IU and V is significant. In the ruins, they each choose these garments, symbolizing the most clichéd “fruits of love.” In the video, they wear these clothes, take pictures, sing, and have fun, experiencing moments of happiness that are hard to find in their everyday lives. However, ultimately, only the “clothes” remain as their physical forms vanish due to the “square,” suggesting their liberation from all forms of oppression and pressure. The dress and tuxedo falling to the ground question whether the forms considered important in reality truly represent the essence.

>> IU Responds to Public Input, Renames Upcoming Single to ‘Love Wins All’

Director Um shared his motivation for joining the project, “Reuniting with IU was the decisive factor. This is our reunion in 5 years. In 2018, I hadn’t been on the set for two years, and the concert VCR project that IU reached out to me rekindled my motivation. Similarly, this project reawakened my joy for filmmaking. Given the video’s otherworldly and abstract setting, I welcome the diverse interpretations it may inspire.”

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