What to Look Out for in Netflix’s ‘The Bequeathed’ Starring Kim Hyun Joo and Park Hee Soon

the bequeathed netflix
the bequeathed netflix
Credit: Netflix

Netflix has provided insights into what to expect from its upcoming drama, The Bequeathed. The series revolves around a woman who inherits a family mountain from her late uncle. As ominous events unfold after she inherits the land, the secrets of the mountain come to light.

The Bequeathed is helmed by Min Hong Nam, a former assistant director for Train to Busan, with Director Yeon Sang Ho participating in the planning and screenplay.

>> Yeon Sang Ho’s ‘The Bequeathed’ Promises a Thrilling Journey on Netflix

Director Yeon Sang Ho once said, “If you are Korean, you might have heard about families disputing over Seonsan.” Just like his remark, many Koreans are familiar with the term ‘Seonsan,’ often used to describe a family burial ground located on a mountain.

Regarding the key takeaways from the series, Director Min Hong Nam stated, “The drama builds up tension through its sketchy scenery and anxiety among its characters. Unraveling the true culprit adds an extra layer of excitement. Even when you think things are finally over, a series of events consistently ensues, making it highly unpredictable.”

The second key takeaway is the meaning of ‘family’ described in the movie. Director Min describes the drama as “a story about family, the foundation of human beings that everyone shares.” Director Yeon added, “It all began as a mystery thriller delving into the essence of family in one’s life.” Regarding the truth surrounding the place Seonsan, he stated, “It’s an extreme form of questioning the true love within a dysfunctional family.”

The third key point is the outstanding performances of the cast, featuring Kim Hyun Joo as the heir of the family mountain, Park Hee Soon and Park Byung Eun as detectives, and Ryu Kyung Soo as a half-brother of the rightful heir.

Source: Netflix

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