Netflix’s ‘Two Women’: A Tale of Friendship and Rivalry Starring Kim Go Eun and Park Ji Hyun

kim go eun netflix
kim go eun netflix
Credit: Netflix

Netflix has officially greenlit its new series Two Women, featuring Kim Go Eun, Park Ji Hyun, and Kim Gun Woo in pivotal roles. The series chronicles the intricate bond between two friends, depicting their best and worst moments together. Spanning from their teenage years to their forties, Two Women promises to deliver a rich narrative covering the depths of their relationship.

Kim Go Eun takes on the role of Ryu Eun Jung, a character who wins people over with her ordinary yet honest charm. Her journey begins in elementary school, where she meets Cheon Sang Yeon, played by Park Ji Hyun, for the first time, sparking feelings of admiration and jealousy. Park Ji Hyun’s character, Sang Yeon, is Eun Jung’s closest friend and, simultaneously, her rival. She’s the envy of many, blessed with a wealthy background and natural talent.

The plot follows the two through their teenage years into their thirties, experiencing separations and reunions, culminating in a poignant reunion at 42. The storyline takes a dramatic turn when the film producer Sang Yeon, diagnosed with terminal cancer, asks drama writer Eun Jung to accompany her in her final days.

Kim Gun Woo joins the project as Kim Sang Hak, a member of Eun Jung and Sang Yeon’s college photography club. His character becomes a crucial part of both women’s lives, as Eun Jung’s boyfriend and Sang Yeon’s friend.

The production team shared, “We aim to meticulously portray every moment of these two individuals who have had a significant impact on each other’s lives, from their school days to adulthood, and convey a deep emotional resonance to the audience.”

Two Women is a collaboration between director Jo Young Min, known for Do You Like Brahms? and The Interest of Love, and writer Song Hye Jin of The Smile Has Left Your Eyes. Kakao Entertainment is responsible for the planning and production of the series.

Source: Netflix

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