Inside Jennie’s Birthday Vlog: A Glimpse into Her Solo Agency ODD ATELIER

jennie birthday
jennie birthday
Credit: Jennie YouTube

BLACKPINK’s Jennie recently opened the doors to her new solo venture, unveiling the office of her one-person agency, ODD ATELIER (OA).

In a birthday vlog posted on her official YouTube channel on the 16th, Jennie shared moments from her birthday celebration. The video featured her preparing a birthday cake and unwrapping gifts in front of a beautifully decorated tree. She thanked her staff, saying, “First of all, this tree… We are at our office now. Our agency staff decorated this tree so beautifully. They made a custom Jennie tree for me. I am grateful.”

Previously, in November last year, Jennie announced her departure from YG Entertainment, with whom she had been since her debut, to establish her own agency, ODD ATELIER, aka OA.

While unwrapping birthday gifts, she playfully addressed the “Time to Rest” stamp, asking, “Are you stamping this on me when you leave? Are you using this when you go home?”

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jennie birthday
Credit: Jennie YouTube

Jennie also shared her excitement about the future of OA, saying, “By the time this video is released, the company will have been revealed to the world. I think a lot of fun and exciting things will happen here.” She introduced her company as OA, adding humorously, “Our company logo looks like a fish-shaped bun,” drawing laughter.

On achieving the Diamond Button for reaching 10 million subscribers on YouTube, Jennie expressed her gratitude: “I started this to communicate with the fans, and it feels like I have received an award. Thank you so much. Please look forward to more messy vlogs and content.”

Meanwhile, the members of BLACKPINK, including Jennie, have signed exclusive contracts with YG Entertainment for group activities, while not pursuing additional contracts for their individual endeavors.

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