DAY6’s Young K Reveals What Park Jin Young’s Lavish House Is Like and How Many Songs He’s Written So Far

park jin young house
park jin young house
Credit: MBC

DAY6’s Young K enthusiastically talked about Park Jin Young’s impressive house and briefly opened up about his earnings from his music on MBC’s Radio Star.

The singer shared, “When I was discharged from the military, Park Jin Young invited me to his house.” When Jang Do Yeon curiously asked, “What was his house like?” he simply replied, “It inspired me to work even harder.”

He continued, “Last time on the show, Park Jin Young mentioned that he uses his whole body to play with his daughters, but he has an entire playground in his house. There’s even an indoor pool, and it’s not just any pool—it has different lanes and is big enough for a public swimming tournament.”

Shifting the focus to his own accomplishments, Young K revealed, “I’ve registered 175 songs for copyright. As both the writer and composer, I’m fourth on the list for having the most copyrighted songs among all K-pop idols.”

When Kim Gook Jin brought up how much he learns from his music, the star casually shrugged, saying, “Actually, I don’t really know about that. My father takes care of that stuff. When I made my debut, he asked me if I wanted to manage my money or if he should do it for me. I was like, ‘Just give me some pocket money.’ I asked him to manage my money as he used to work for a stock company in Yeouido.”

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