PICK: 4 K-Dramas That Got Delayed Indefinitely for Unexpected Reasons

Edited by Hong Hyun Jung
Translated Yu Jin Kim

Credit: Netflix

The Korean drama industry is going through a tough time. Even though it’s gaining popularity on global platforms like Netflix, things aren’t as rosy as they seem. With broadcasting companies cutting down on shows, securing airtime has become a challenge, and the rising production costs are really weighing on both network stations and production companies. Plus, sticking to the same old success formula has become risky and stale as viewers have become more selective and unpredictable with their entertainment choices. These reasons contribute to a decline in new productions, with finished ones stuck in limbo and piling up in storage. Furthermore, some dramas are struggling to announce release dates due to unexpected issues involving their cast members.

Goodbye Earth

Goodbye Earth has drawn attention with the collaboration of director Kim Jin Man from Extracurricular and My Name, and writer Jung Sung Joo from Secret Affair, as well as Yoo Ah In. As many know, the drama’s release got put on hold due to Yoo Ah In’s drug scandal. It was initially set to join Netflix’s 2023 lineup, with plans for release in the second half of the year. However, the release got pushed back following his drug allegations in February. While reports were suggesting a release in December 2024, Netflix has officially stated that no specific date has been confirmed for the series yet. Goodbye Earth features Yoo Ah In, Ahn Eun Jin, Jeon Sung Woo and Kim Yoon Hye, portraying the chaos unfolding 200 days before the collision between Earth and an asteroid.


Villains is a drama about a bloody confrontation between villains over super-notes, a counterfeit bill of extremely high quality. Initially set to premiere as a TVING series in 2023, it hit a snag due to Kwak Do Won‘s involvement in a drunk driving incident. Netflix dealt with a similar situation last year with its original series Bloodhounds when Kim Sae Ron found herself in a drunk driving incident. The drama was released with her reduced screen time. However, the production company is facing a more tricky situation than before, given that Kwak Do Won shares the lead with Yu Ji Tae, Lee Min Jung, and Lee Bum Soo. On top of that, Villains has faced some other controversies, with another lead actor, Lee Bum Soo, being linked to workplace harassment allegations, and the drama itself facing copyright infringement disputes. Currently, the release status of the series remains unknown.

Until the Morning Comes

Adapted from a Chinese novel by Zijin Chen, Until the Morning Comes begins with a gunshot shattering the peace of a serene city. The plot centers on the arrest of a man suspected of terrorism, as the narrative gradually unveils a disturbing truth during his interrogation. The collaboration between Han Suk Kyu and Jung Yu Mi had sparked interest, but the drama’s filming was abruptly halted in 2021, and no announcements have been made since. The unexpected cancellation was attributed to concerns about glamorizing the Chinese Communist Party, sparked by allegations that the original work may serve as propaganda for Xi Jinping’s regime. Additionally, controversies surrounding historical distortions in shows like Snowdrop added further complications. Jung Yu Mi expressed uncertainty about the drama’s release during an interview with Allure Korea magazine in August of the previous year.

The Mentalist

The Mentalist, starring Simon Baker and Robin Tunney, has been remade in Korean but is currently in limbo as the release platform hasn’t been decided. HBO Max initially planned to release the show after its launch in South Korea, but the expansion was indefinitely delayed, resulting in the drama’s suspension. Meanwhile, Lee Si Young, who co-starred with Park Si Hoo in the drama, raised fans’ expectations by sharing a post about the show on her personal Instagram account. Unfortunately, the release date hasn’t been fixed up to now.


Edited Hong Hyun Jung: I am a K-content guide who publishes various articles for people to enjoy Korean movies and dramas deeper and richer. I’ll introduce you to the works that you can laugh, cry and sympathize with.

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