Gong Hyo Jin Reveals Why She Decided to Marry Kevin Oh on ‘You Quiz on the Block’

Gong Hyo Jin Kevin Oh
Gong Hyo Jin Kevin Oh
Credit: tvN

Gong Hyo Jin has opened up about how she first met her husband, Kevin Oh and shared their blissful married life on tvN’s You Quiz on the Block.

Reflecting on her first impression of her husband, Gong Hyo Jin said, “I never thought I’d be the one remaining single, looking at my married and single friends. Loneliness wasn’t something I ever pictured for myself. They say you just know when you meet the right person. The first time I saw him, I could tell he was the one for me and a much better person than I am.” She fondly added, “I saved him as ‘My Angel’ on my phone. Even his family teases him about that. But I genuinely saw wings on his back. Like a real pair of wings.”

The star revealed how they first met. She shared, “I met him during my break following the film wrap of When the Camellia Blooms. I found out about his concert and decided to go. I had so much fun there. Not so long after, there was another concert, so I went there with him. He was going to buy us the tickets, so I gave him my bank account number. So technically, he got my bank account number before he got my phone number,” bringing laughter on set.

She continued the story, saying, “I met him again during my U.S. trip, and we had a meal together. I told my friends that it was nothing, but I started texting him even after I was back in Korea. I blamed it on jet lag. Then, we went on dates in person.”

“He doesn’t speak Korean perfectly, so his expressions are very pure. There’s no misunderstanding when we talk. He speaks like an angel because he doesn’t know how to use sarcasm or euphemisms. I thought, ‘That person is pure white,’” she said. ” I was dark, sharp, and cynical, but meeting Kevin has changed me a lot.

Discussing his recent enlistment, the actress revealed, “My biggest concern is being away from my husband while he’s in the military. He enlisted the day before yesterday. Two nights have passed since I saw him off at the training center. I’ve had a lot on my mind spending the nights in tears. Being alone without my husband has been very challenging.”

“Kevin set up an automatic email before his enlistment. It’s like a movie – I receive an email from him every morning at 10 AM. I wondered what would change after marriage, but it seems there’s a clear difference. When you tie the knot, there’s this affectionate bond that feels like our blood has blended together,” she added.

Toward the end of her segment, Gong Hyo Jin sent a sweet message to Kevin, saying, “I know you are worried about me feeling lonely while you’re away. I just pray for your safe return.”

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