Lee Ha Nee Goes on Secret Nightly Adventure in MBC’s ‘Knight Flower’ Teaser

lee ha nee new drama
lee hanee new drama
Credit: MBC

MBC has released a third teaser for its upcoming Friday-Saturday drama Knight Flower.

Knight Flower  is an action-comedy drama about a woman named Jo Yeo Hwa (played by Lee Ha Nee) who has lived a quiet and modest life as a virtuous widow for 15 years. However, she secretly sneaks out at night to help those in need, concealing her identity behind a mask. The story unfolds as she encounters a seemingly perfect military officer, Park Soo Ho (Lee Jong Won).

The new video begins with a woman’s cry for help. Yeo Hwa quickly responds, saying, “I must do what I’m responsible for.” The scene then cuts to her blushing in the arms of Soo Ho, and his pursuit adds a cheerful twist to the moment, raising curiosity about the nightly adventures of widow Yeo Hwa in the upcoming show.

When Yeo Hwa pushes Soo Ho away, the ribbons on his front loosen and untie, revealing his muscular body. Startled, Yeo Hwa turns red and is left unsure of how to react, heightening curiosity about the upcoming show.

Towards the end, Lee Ha Nee struggles to keep her identity a secret. The tension rises as Yeon Sun (Park Se Hyun) urgently says, “Come on, hurry up,” and Seok Ji Sung (Kim Sang Joong) makes his appearance.

Knight Flower will premiere on January 12th.

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