G-Dragon Promises 2024 Comeback and Plans to Establish Foundation Against Drug Abuse

g-dragon new agency
g-dragon new agency
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G-Dragon, aka Kwon Ji Yong, is making a significant return next year by establishing a foundation for drug eradication and a new album.

G-Dragon was recently exonerated from drug use suspicions as the police decided not to indict him. Galaxy Corporation announced his joining of the company and future plans at a press conference held on the 21st. While the singer did not attend the event, he conveyed his thoughts through a letter he wrote.

In his letter, G-Dragon expressed, “Going through this ordeal, I’ve come to notice things I hadn’t seen before. I learned about heartbreaking facts like the annual average of 20,000 drug offenders, the rise in juvenile drug offenders, and the limited treatment options for only about 500 people.” He then emphasized, “I felt the need to act..”

“I want to actively combat and eradicate drugs, especially for vulnerable teenagers and those unknowingly walking a dangerous path. I also aim to provide opportunities for many who are unable to receive treatment,” he stated. “I want to play a role in protecting them as their brother and colleague. And to do so, I’m establishing a foundation. I aim to create a society where everyone is equal and respected, standing with those who face prejudice and injustice in the world.”

Additionally, G-Dragon shared his plans for the future: “I intend to support underprivileged artists and nurture future generations. With seeds sown by the foundation, along with esteemed colleagues and fans, we can spread campaigns for peace and a prejudice-free world, fostering diversity and harmony. I believe we can create a better world.”

Furthermore, he added, “I will come back next year, fulfilling both my responsibilities as an artist and my social duties.”

Expressing gratitude to his fans who have supported him with love, G-Dragon announced that the first donation to the foundation would be made in the name of VIP (Big Bang’s fandom).

During the press conference, Jo Sung Hae, Galaxy Corporation’s Executive Director, commented, “The police did what they had to as an investigative body. There was suspicion, so the investigation was necessary—that’s G-Dragon’s stance.” Jo added, “This incident has made G-Dragon more aware of the societal impacts of labeling and the severity of drug issues.”

However, G-Dragon has expressed his continued distress over malicious comments online, even after the case’s conclusion. Jo warned, “From today until midnight on December 28th, we ask for the removal and correction of any defamatory internet content. After that, we will respond with zero tolerance and no leniency.”

Meanwhile, G-Dragon recently ended his long-standing exclusive contract with YG Entertainment and signed with Galaxy Corporation, an IP-based AI and metaverse company. Galaxy Corporation has produced Netflix’s Physical: 100 and KBS’s 1 Night 2 Days Season 4.

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