‘Single’s Inferno 3’ Episodes 4 and 5 Recap: Dating Game With Fresh Faces and Flirting Wars

single's inferno 3 cast
Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s dating reality show Single’s Inferno 3 captured attention with the release of episodes 4 and 5 on December 19th, merging two Infernos into one and showcasing the singles revealing their true feelings for each other.

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Since its initial release on December 12th, Single’s Inferno 3 has been scorching up screens worldwide, entering the top 10 lists in 29 countries including Korea, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand. It recorded 3.6 million views, securing the 4th spot in the global top 10 TV shows (non-English) category, demonstrating the allure of K-dating shows.

single's inferno 3 cast
Credit: Netflix

In episode 4, the singles gathered on Inferno and participated in a couple’s game for a special date voucher. Park Min Gyu paired up with An Min Young, Son Won Ik with Yoon Ha Jung, Lee Kwan Hee with Choi Hye Sun, Yoon Ha Bin with Yu Si Eun, and Lee Jin Seok with Kim Gyu Ri. Choi Min Woo, left alone with a black ball, sat out the game, which saw a fierce battle of “Couple Squats.” Son Won Ik and Yoon Ha Jung triumphed with 102 squats, claiming the voucher.

The evening’s “Affection Choice” allowed the singles to express their interests by gifting lemon candies to their preferred partners. Kim Gyu Ri and Yoon Ha Bin, receiving four and five candies respectively, topped the list, adding an unexpected twist to the story. The Truth or Dare game followed, gripping viewers as the singles revealed their crushes. Son Won Ik asked Lee Kwan Hee about his interest, leading to a shocking revelation as he pointed simultaneously at Choi Hye Sun, Yoon Ha Jung, and Kim Gyu Ri, stunning the contestants and 5MCs.

single's inferno 3 cast
Credit: Netflix

In episode 5, the arrival of “Megi” (a new contestant introduced mid-show to stir things up) Jo Min Ji brought a fresh charm to the show. Breaking the rule of only one single heading to Paradise, Jo Min Ji surprised everyone by choosing both Choi Min Woo and Lee Jin Seok. In Paradise, Jo Min Ji asked Lee Jin Seok if anyone in Inferno is his type, to which he replied, “No,” hinting at potential changes in his relationship with An Min Young.

With the merging of the two Infernos and the entrance of Megi Jo Min Ji, Single’s Inferno 3 enters a new phase, heightening anticipation and interest with its escalating flirting battles and unpredictable relationships.

Source: Netflix

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