‘My Dearest’ Star Ahn Eun Jin on Miscasting Controversy and Facial Paralysis Struggle

ahn eun jin my dearest
ahn eun jin my dearest
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Ahn Eun Jin opened up about the early controversy over her My Dearest casting on tvN’s Yoo Quiz on the Block.  

Ahn Eun Jin shared her closing comments on the MBC show, saying, “I am so thankful that no one got hurt during the filming. I’m spending the end of the year with gratitude for the love I’ve received.”

When asked if there were any changes after the success of My Dearest, she humorously replied, “I’m living without turning off the heater. I can even set the room temperature to 26 degrees in winter. It was fun to choose items that were on discount when shopping, but now I can buy whatever I want. Yesterday, I treated myself to strawberries and some fancy Shine Muscat, and I can totally go wild with eating as much as Greek yogurt I want.”

In the middle of the interview, Namkoong Min made a special appearance on the show. He shared, “Ahn Eun Jin is a lovely actress. She has passion, good sense, and is a wonderful person. If there’s anything I can do to help her, I would love to be of assistance. I hope you become a world star,” expressing his affection for Ahn Eun Jin.

Regarding the early controversy of miscasting, she said, “I was filming The Good Bad Mother before My Dearest. Towards the end of The Good Bad Mother, my body was in much pain. My health was not great before working on My Dearest, and I had to take a month off. I couldn’t film at all. This time last year was tough for me. I dealt with side effects from strong medicine. And on top of that, the pressure from My Dearest added to the challenges. After the script reading, when I got home and took a shower, I felt like running away. But I’ve learned that as time passes, tough times will also come to an end.”

The star revealed that the health issue she faced was facial paralysis. She recalled, “One side of my face felt weirdly stiff. At first, I thought it was just swollen. I went to the hospital while we were filming, but it didn’t get better right away. Even a short 10-minute walk to get some fresh air made my knees swell so much that I couldn’t bend them. I think I gained strength from playing Gil Chae. I believed that if I portrayed her well, the viewers would connect with it too.“

Hearing her, Namkoong Min responded, “She would grumble a lot. But she was doing so well, so all I had to do was just let her do what she does. She did not need any advice from me,” expressing his pride in her.

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