Fantagio Shuts Down Moon Bin’s Memorial Space Amid Rumors of Financial Gain

moonbin memorial
moonbin memorial
Credit: Fantagio

The memorial space dedicated to ASTRO member Moon Bin in Seonunsa Temple in South Jeolla Province has been closed.

>> ASTRO’s Agency Offers New Memorial Space for Late Moon Bin

Fantagio, the agency representing ASTRO, addressed the situation on their online community on November 3rd, stating that “baseless rumors regarding Seonunsa Temple are circulating online.” They promptly closed the space at 8 PM on the same day.

In response to speculations that they had signed a contract with the temple for operating the memorial space, the label made it unequivocal that no such agreement exists. They emphasized, “We want to clarify that there have been no deals or contracts with the shrine, and there is absolutely no financial involvement on our end.”

They clarified the reason behind relocating the memorial space, stating, “The decision was made due to concerns about visitor safety during the winter season and the desire for a permanent resting place for Moon Bin. The national office has an affiliation with the temple, and this connection influenced the decision to move the memorial space to its current location.”

Fantagio also claimed, “The allegation that Fantagio is financially profiting from organizing a temple stay is entirely false. Seonunsa Temple monks generously provided a complimentary stay along with free meals out of our concern that Aroha (ASTRO’s fandom) might unexpectedly require accommodation due to unforeseen circumstances. Our company and the temple monks had no ulterior motive; our intentions were solely based on consideration for the fans.”

Fantagio also asserted that they would take legal action in response to any future false rumors.

After Moon Bin’s passing in April of this year, Fantagio had been managing a dedicated space for fans to remember him.

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