BTS’s V and Yoo Seung Ho Steal the Show on ‘Running Man’

running man v bts
running man v bts
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BTS’s V and Yoo Seung Ho recently guested on Running Man, captivating audiences and driving the show to impressive ratings and buzz.

The episode, which aired on the 3rd, successfully surpassed a 3% viewership rating in the 20-49 target demographic (according to Nielsen Korea, metropolitan area), solidifying its position as a leading Sunday variety show. The peak minute rating even soared to 4.9%.

The new episode under the theme “Gamblers’ Paradise in Caramel World” featured the mission of “collecting the most caramels in a day,” with a grand prize promised to the winner, fueling competitive spirit among the cast members.

Initially, Haha was appointed the first “President of Gambling Association,” with the power to change the mission orders and make his own team and his own rule. But even before the mission started, a new president was chosen after 20 camels were collected in the suggestion box—Yoo Seung Ho, who only contributed one caramel. The actor humorously declared, “I want to get revenge for my last appearance. For starters, I won’t be on the same team as Yoo Jae Suk,” giving a big laugh.

running man v bts
Credit: SBS

The first mission was a “box psychology” game, where participants had to guess the number of caramels in a box through questions and answers. Upon seizing the president’s position, V immediately started awarding caramels to team members with unique titles like “Psychology King,” “Today’s Fashion King,” and “Thanks for Being on My Team,” earning their trust. During a subsequent impeachment, V managed to pull his own name again, showcasing a “destined to succeed” moment that surprised everyone.

In the second mission, “Caramel Flowers Have Bloomed,” Yoo Seung Ho, who had fewer caramels, was given the role of “catcher” to gather seed money for the next round. Despite openly collecting caramels, Yoo Seung Ho chose not to tag out Haha, causing grumbles among the members. It was later revealed that they had conspired to split the caramels, but the actor broke the deal, taking all 69 caramels Haha had gathered. This scene, highlighting Haha’s shock at the betrayal, marked the episode’s peak viewership at 4.9%.

The episode concluded with a teaser for the final showdown in the “Caramel War,” sparking curiosity about the last round of the mission.

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