Weekly TV Top10: Song Kang & Kim Yoo Jung’s ‘My Demon’ Debuts at No. 2

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Drama Ranking for 4th Week of November

tvN’s Castaway Diva has reached the top spot as it nears its conclusion. The romance between Park Eun Bin and Chae Jong Hyeop, along with the “womance” between Park Eun Bin and Kim Hyo Jin, has garnered much support. SBS’s highly anticipated My Demon, starring Song Kang and Kim Yoo Jung, made an impressive debut at number two. While the visuals of Song Kang and Kim Yoo Jung received praise, there were criticisms about the drama’s childish plot and cringe-worthy dialogue. JTBC’s Strong Girl Nam-soon concluded in third place. The finale’s epilogue, hinting at the appearance of a male hero with mutant genes, drew criticism for not aligning with the drama’s popular female hero narrative. KBS’s Goryeo-Khitan War consistently generated buzz, securing fourth place. The first battle scene in episode six, the Heunghwa Battle, received much acclaim, as did Ji Seung Hyun’s acting. MBC’s The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract debuted in fifth place. While it lagged behind My Demon in buzz, it showed an upward trend in viewership ratings thanks to its decent quality. TVING’s new series A Bloody Lucky Day debuted in ninth place, captivating viewers with Yoo Yeon Seok’s portrayal of a serial killer.

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  1. tvN Castaway Diva (Share 15.37%) 
  2. SBS My Demon (Share 14.14%) 
  3. JTBC Strong Girl Nam-soon (Share 9.56%)
  4. KBS Goryeo-Khitan War (Share 9.18%) 
  5. MBC The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract (Share 8.84%) 
  6. Netflix Daily Dose of Sunshine (Share 7.15%) 
  7. MBN Perfect Marriage Revenge (Share 4.32%) 
  8. Disney Plus Vigilante (Share 4.01%)
  9. TVING A Bloody Lucky Day (Share 3.89%)
  10. KBS The Matchmakers (Share 3.35%)
  1. Park Eun Bin, Castaway Diva (Share 6.53%)
  2. Chae Jong Hyeop, Castaway Diva (Share 5.01%)
  3. Song Kang, My Demon (Share 4.63%)
  4. Lee Yoo Mi, Strong Girl Nam-soon (Share 4.48%)
  5. Kim Yoo Jung, My Demon (Share 4.38%)
  6. Kim Jung Eun, Strong Girl Nam-soon (Share 4.03%)
  7. Lee See Young, The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract (Share 3.53%)
  8. Kim Hae Sook, Strong Girl Nam-soon (Share 3.24%)
  9. Park Bo Young, Daily Dose of Sunshine (Share 3.11%)
  10. Bae In Hyuk, The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract (Share 2.42%)

Non-Drama Ranking for 4th Week of November

Continuing its lead, JTBC’s Sing Again 3 remained in first place, while Mnet’s Street Dance Girls Fighter 2 started off in second place. This new dance survival features global participants competing, following Street Woman Fighter 2. MBC’s Adventure by Accident returned for its third season, ranking third and proving its high interest. Gian 84 and Dex topped the cast rankings in first and second place, respectively.

  1. JTBC Sing Again 3 (Share 3.38%)
  2. Mnet Street Dance Girls Fighter 2 (Share 3.02%)
  3. MBC Adventure by Accident 3 (Share 3.00%) 
  4. tvN You Quiz on the Block (Share 2.88%)
  5. ENA/SBS Plus I Am Solo (Share 2.81%)
  6. MBC I Live Alone (Share 2.63%)
  7. SBS Running Man (Share 2.49%)
  8. KBS Golden Girls (Share 2.36%)
  9. JTBC A Clean Sweep (Share 2.28%)
  10. JTBC Knowing Bros (Share 2.14%)
  1. Gian 84, Adventure by Accident 3 (Share 2.18%)
  2. Dex, Adventure by Accident 3 (Share 1.26%)
  3. aespa, Knowing Bros (Share 1.11%)
  4. Kim Dae Ho, I Live Alone (Share 1.09%)
  5. Yoo Jae Suk, Hangout with Yoo (Share 1.06%)
  6. Porfirio, Welcome, First Time in Korea? Season 2 (Share 1.06%)
  7. Gian 84 ,Welcome, First Time in Korea? Season 2 (Share 0.97%)
  8. Young K, Hangout with Yoo (Share 0.93%)
  9. Paik Jong Won, The Genius Paik 2 (Share 0.90%)
  10. Yoo Yeon Seok, You Quiz on the Block (Share 0.89%)

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