‘Strong Girl Nam-soon’ Final Episdoe Recap: Lee Yoo Mi, Kim Jung Eun and Kim Hae Sook Continue to Seek Justice

strong girl nam soon ending
strong girl nam soon ending
Credit: JTBC

JTBC’s Strong Girl Nam-soon ended on a thrilling and cathartic note.

In the final episode, Kang Nam Soon (Lee Yoo Mi) desperately fights back for life despite being powerless from a drug injection by Ryu Shi Oh (played by Byeon Woo Seok). As she gets injured during the fight, he becomes more violent, putting her at risk once again. Right then, Gang Hee Sik (Ong Seong Wu) shows up and rescues her from danger.

Meanwhile, Shi Oh is now at the end of the rope as his friend Bingbing (Lee Hong Nae) comes to eliminate him. Bingbing does not kill his friend by his hand, but rather he hands down a gun to Shi Oh. Surrounded by enemies, Shi Oh aims a gun at his head, and Nam Soon attempts to stop him, but to no avail.

After solving the new synthetic drug case, the “mother-daughter heroes” Gang Nam Soon, Hwang Geum Joo (Kim Jung Eun), and Gil Joong Gan (Kim Hae Sook) decide to bring justice to the world with clearer goals in their minds. Geum Joo declares war on the dark forces in the world while Joong Gan sets out to deter crimes against the elderly. Nam Soon gets promoted to police after getting recognized for her work in tracking down drug criminals, and she promises to spend the rest of her life with Kang Hee Sik.

Following the show’s conclusion, the post-credits scene hinted at the worldview expansion with the appearance of Jang Chung Dong, a powerful male outlier among generational strong women due to a chromosomal mutation. All eyes are on whether Strong Girl Nam-soon will return with a new season.

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