Shin Ye Eun Hilarious Stint on ‘Running Man’ Sparks Talk of Becoming a Regular

shin ye eun running man
shin ye eun running man
Credit: SBS

Shin Ye Eun showcased her impressive “variety show skills” on Running Man, leading to a surge in requests that she become a regular member.

The latest episode of SBS’s Running Man, aired on the 26th, was the first special following Jeon So Min’s departure, featuring actor Shin Ye Eun and former pro-gamer turned broadcaster Hong Jin Ho in a Singapore special part two.

In this episode, members appeared in duo-themed costumes, immersing themselves in their given roles. Shin Ye Eun, transforming into an “EXchange” couple with Yang Se Chan, kept showing her “deadly eye glare,” eliciting reactions like “She’s even crazier than So Min.”

The actress also startled everyone by suddenly smelling her feet in front of the camera while preparing to receive a foot massage. She confidently claimed, “My feet really don’t smell. My sister once told me I could eat bibimbap with my toes.” Yoo Jae Suk caught on to Shin Ye Eun’s unique charm and jokingly said, “Ye Eun, if you have time, come back next week,” wooing her for a permanent spot on the show.

Ji Seok Jin chimed in, “This is the first time I’ve seen an actress smell her own feet,” which led to Song Ji Hyo also checking her foot. Shin Ye Eun laughed and responded, “So this is how you felt.”

Later on the bus, Shin Ye Eun claimed to have a unique talent for memorizing subway lines and began reciting the Line 1 route. However, contrary to expectations, she quickly got it wrong, to the amusement of the members. Members made comments like, “What kind of a talent is this?” and “I’ve never seen such nerve-wracking talent before.” Yoo Jae Suk exclaimed, “You’re really charming,” admiring her variety show skills.

By the end of the show, Shin Ye Eun reflected on the day, “It doesn’t feel like it’s over even though it’s finished.” Viewers also expressed their anticipation for Shin Ye Eun to join Running Man as a new member, effectively filling the void left by Jeon So Min.

Meanwhile, next week’s episode of Running Man will feature Yoo Seung Ho and BTS’s V as guests.

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