Lee Young Ae Talks About Her Talented Daughter and Her Wish to Become a Celebrity Like Her Mom

lee young ae daughter
lee young ae daughter
Credit: SBS

Lee Young Ae shared what her twin daughter has been up to on SBS’ My Little Old Boy.

During the latest episode, the actress revealed why she decided to star in the show. She said, “I never miss watching this show every week. Not just my children but also my husband and I enjoy watching it while sitting back and relaxing at home. So, I decided to star in my favorite show ahead of my upcoming drama’s premiere.”

When asked about her twin son and daughter, she answered, “They are now in Grade 6 and going to middle school next year. I do nag at them just like any other mom. I usually try to hold in my anger but it fails once in a while. If I keep my feelings in, I will get sick.” “Rather than losing my control, I tend to speak in a soft tone when I’m angry. But my son told me that that’s scarier,” she added, making every laugh on set.

Lee Young Ae revealed that her daughter has lots of talent. She said, “My daughter likes taking selfies. She once expressed her wish to become a celebrity like me. Singing is one of her favorite activities, and she wants to be a celebrity. She’s going to arts middle school and is currently doing opera music.”

When Dong Yeop asked, “Does your daughter sometimes point out things to you?” the actress replied, “Yes. She has an extremely sharp eye for fashion. She always checks how I dress up and says, “What’s wrong with your fashion?” Whenever there is a school play, she asks me to dress up like a celebrity. So, I went to a hair salon before attending the play.”

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