Park Eun Bin and Chae Jong Hyeop’s Romance Blossoms in ‘Castaway Diva’

castaway diva romance
castaway diva romance
Credit: tvN

In tvN’s weekend drama Castaway Diva, romance has sparked between Park Eun Bin and Chae Jong Hyeop.

According to the production team, Seo Mok Ha (Park Eun Bin) and Jung Ki Ho (Chae Jong Hyeop), who attended the same middle school in Chunsam Island, grew close through their shared experience of domestic violence. Although Mok Ha’s escape attempt led to her being stranded on a deserted island, the memories of each other firmly remained in their hearts.

Now 31, Mok Ha’s first action after leaving the island was to search for her lost friend, Ki Ho. Despite the difficulty since Ki Ho had disappeared to avoid his father, Jung Bong Wan (Lee Seung Joon), Mok Ha held onto the hope of reuniting with him. But all along, Ki Ho was with Mok Ha under the alias Kang Bo Geol. Although he didn’t directly say “Thank you for staying alive,” Bo Geol subtly revealed his identity with the words Ki Ho used to say.

After learning who Bo Geol really is, Mok Ha decided to give up her dream of becoming a singer to protect him from his abusive, obsessive father. Bo Geol persuades Mok Ha, who’s all anxious for him, to keep her dream alive, echoing the promise they made on the boat to Seoul 15 years ago. Bo Geol then began to express his feelings for Mok Ha, affirming that his emotions from 15 years ago are still valid.

Importantly, just as Bo Geol had rescued Mok Ha from a “swamp of secrets,” Mok Ha played a vital role in calming Bo Geol down when he was engulfed in dangerous thoughts. Despite their long separation, the two continue to be each other’s salvation. How their relationship will evolve remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, episode 9 of Castaway Diva is scheduled to air on the 25th at 9:20 PM KST.

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