Fan-Led Birthday Tribute to BTS’s Jin Faces Unexpected Halt by HYBE

bts jin birthday
bts jin birthday
Credit: Big Hit Music

A unique fan project for Jin‘s upcoming birthday, organized by a Japan-based fanbase and KONI (@btsforever1207 on X, formerly Twitter), has been halted following intervention from HYBE. The project, which involved issuing Jin-themed boarding passes in partnership with airline JINAIR, has faced an unexpected roadblock.

The boarding passes featured Jin’s image from the “Yet to Come in Busan” concert, and fans, having received these passes, described them as “even prettier in person.” However, KONI recently announced, “At HYBE’s request, the boarding pass fan support has been stopped, and the tickets have been completely discarded. I really don’t know what to say, as my words seem to be lost in the air.”

Both organizers expressed their dilemma through statements on X. The issue arose when the company perceived the fan project as a corporate advertisement, since obtaining the themed boarding pass required purchasing a ticket from JINAIR.

KONI elaborated, “Initially thought to be a temporary ticketing error and expected to resume, we now understand that HYBE has requested the airline and advertising agency to stop it, as it was seen as advertising benefiting the airline due to Jin’s significant influence. We requested it to be recognized as fan support from international fandoms, which has been a tradition, but it seems it wasn’t accepted. Nevertheless, we humbly understand the company’s position and have decided to accept their decision.”

With Jin’s birthday approaching, the organizers are now planning alternative support measures of a similar scale in Korea. “Jin’s fanbase is preparing alternative follow-up measures for the current support and another birthday support in Korea. Measures for participants and airline customers are also being prepared. We ask for warm support for the hardworking fanbase team,” KONI added.

The situation has led to a split in opinions among ARMY. Some argue that the project is akin to traditional idol birthday ads in magazines, referencing a previous instance where a Jimin fanbase decorated an aircraft. However, others highlight that the boarding pass included not only Jin’s name but also trademarked and copyrighted content like “BTS” and “ARMY,” raising concerns about the airline profiting excessively from the sales rather than benefiting BTS or ARMY directly.

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