Did RIIZE’s Seunghan and TXT’s Soobin Disrespect LE SSERAFIM’s Eunchae in Their Leaked Live Stream?

riize sungchan controversy
riize sungchan controversy

The leaked video featuring RIIZE’s Seunghan and TXT’s Soobin have sparked a heated debate in the K-pop community.

On November 16, a video featuring who appeared to be TXT’s Soobin and RIIZE’s Seunghan surfaced online. In the clip, the two idols are seen engaging in a conversation that quickly turned contentious.

Seunghan comments, “It’s a fact. You can’t dance, sing, or rap. You’re just all excited just because you MC-ed for Music Bank. You even got to meet our Eunchae.” The reaction from Soobin, who appeared to respond with a toe-mimicked middle finger gesture, suggests that the comments were likely directed at him rather than Eunchae.

riize sungchan controversy
Credit: Online Communities

The leaked video initially gained attention on a popular Korean internet forum, under the title “RIIZE’s Seunghan got caught badmouthing another male idol during a live streaming on a private account,” and later spread to a Daum cafe. The casual mention of a female idol in a private conversation, especially in a potentially derogatory context, has led to worries about the impact on Eunchae’s public image.

This incident has raised eyebrows among international fans and Korean netizens alike, especially given Seunghan’s history of controversies. Previously, he faced backlash over kissing photos with a girl, leading to a tearful apology to fans during a music show recording. The recurrent controversies have led to a perception among fans of Seunghan’s immaturity and insensitivity.

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