Netflix Unveils New Trailer for ‘Sweet Home 2′ in Celebration of Geeked Week

sweet home season 2
Sweet Home 2
Credit: Netflix

Sweet Home Season 2 has revealed a teaser trailer during Netflix’s online event, Geeked Week.

The teaser provides a glimpse into the challenges faced by the residents of Green Home as they venture into the outside world. Despite escaping Green Home for survival, they discover a world already overrun by monsters. The narratives diverge, but each character is driven by desperation, with soldiers combating evolved monsters, humans growing suspicious and cautious of each other, and Hyun Su (Song Kang) demonstrating a strong willingness to create a vaccine even at personal cost.

In a world where trust is scarce, Season 2 prompts anticipation about whether there will be a “small hope,” as mentioned by Captain Tak In Hwan (Yu Oh Sung) of the Crow Unit, “Even if you become a monster, I want to give them hope that they can still make a choice.” The storyline intensifies curiosity about Season 2, exploring not only the characters’ struggles but also Hyun Su’s commitment to retaining his humanity while wielding monster wings in a world consumed by creatures.

The actors shared their anticipation for Season 2, with Go Min Si stating, “I was excited about the introduction of new characters, and I was eager to see how they would interact with the characters from Green Home.” Jinyoung mentioned, “I found the larger scale and more intricate storyline in comparison to Season 1 truly captivating,” recalling the moment they first read the script for Season 2. The heightened expectations for Season 2 encompass not only a more intricate world but also the evolution of monsters.

Sweet Home Season 2 is set to premiere on December 1st.

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Source: Netflix

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