Choi Ji Woo Dishes on the Joys and Life as a Mom in Her Radio Outing in a While

choi ji woo daughter
choi ji woo daughter
Credit: SBS Radio

Recently, Choi Ji Woo opened up about her life as a mother, revealing her deep affection for her daughter.

Choi Ji Woo guest appeared on SBS Radio’s Kim Young Chul’s PowerFM today. A self-proclaimed long-time listener of the show, the actress shared, “Since raising my baby, I haven’t been able to tune in as often. But I visited the hospital for a long time preparing for my pregnancy. And those trips often lasted over an hour, coinciding with the time the show aired, and it became a source of comfort to me.”

Speaking about her three-year-old daughter, Choi expressed with a laugh how talkative she has become. “She’s at an age where she’s speaking a lot. It’s a lot of fun now that we can actually have conversations, even though sometimes I’m amazed at the curious phrases she picks up,” she shared.

When asked about her daughter entering the entertainment industry, Choi said, “If my daughter wants to become an actress, I won’t tell her not to, even though I might not be the one suggesting it. But if she’s really good at it, I’ll support her. However, she has a long way to go before she’s as beautiful as her mom.”

Choi also responded to sightings of her at a kids’ cafe near Seoul Forest. “I go there often. I visit once every two or three weeks,” she said, adding that she opts for comfortable attire, often going in tracksuits.

Finally, Choi discussed her comeback after seven years with the film New Normal. “The director insisted it had to be me. It was flattering,” she shared enthusiastically. “There was a thrill in performing in a thriller. It was challenging to coordinate actions in dark, cramped spaces, but it was fun.”

Meanwhile, New Normal, set to release tomorrow, is a film directed and produced by Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum director Jung Bum Shik. It tells a chilling yet poignant tale of individuals burdened with their own solitude and hardships, crossing paths with one another.


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