Yoo Ah In’s Drug Scandal Deepens: Did He Use Father’s Social Security Numbers for Drug Prescriptions?

Yoo Ah In drugs
Yoo Ah In drugs
Credit: Sports Chosun

Yoo Ah In‘s recurring drug controversy is back in the headlines after revelations that the actor enticed a well-known YouTuber to use marijuana. Additionally, he is reported to have illegally obtained over 1,000 sleeping pills using his father’s social security number.

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On the 2nd, The Fact unveiled an indictment sourced through the National Assembly’s Legislation And Judiciary Committee, stating that Yoo Ah In smoked marijuana last January in residence in Los Angeles, California, alongside YouTuber A, and associates B and C. The report says that Yoo Ah In offered A to join him when he walked into the swimming pool area where he was taking drugs with his associates.

Furthermore, Yoo reportedly said to C, “Give some to A as well,” and to B, “Isn’t it about time A tried it too?” encouraging marijuana to the hesitant YouTuber A. When A was just pretending to smoke, Yoo even corrected him, “That’s not how you do it. Inhale it deeply.”

The prosecution stated, “Fearing the negative impact on his image and reputation as a celebrity, Yoo Ah In aimed to silence YouTuber A by making him an ‘accomplice’ and preventing any leak of Yoo’s drug consumption.”

According to News1, Yoo Ah In allegedly misused his father’s social security number to unlawfully procure over 1,000 sleeping pills. He is facing allegations of purchasing and administering drugs worth approximately 500 million KRW (approx. 420,000 USD) over the course of 200 times using cosmetic treatments as an excuse at various Seoul hospitals since 2020, including Propofol, a medical narcotic.

The prosecution requested Yoo’s arrest warrant twice, but both requests were dismissed because he admitted to a significant part of the allegations, and sufficient evidence has been secured, according to the court. Yoo’s first trial for violating the Drug Control Act is scheduled for the 14th at the Seoul Central District Court. This marks Yoo Ah In’s first court appearance since he was charged.

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