Ji Chang Wook Unplugged in GQ Korea Interview About His Life and Work

ji chang wook interview
ji chang wook interview
Credit: GQ Korea YouTube

GQ Korea recently lifted the curtain on an eye-opening interview with Ji Chang Wook.

In a refreshingly candid moment, the actor admitted, “Honestly, people seem to have different reactions to me from when they first see me and after they get to know me. They say I’m quite different from my first impression.” He added, “I’m a bit shy around people, and that was even worse when I was young. Now, I’m more sociable, so I can talk to others, but I wouldn’t describe myself as an extrovert.”

Reading about his past interview, where he said about “trying to act like I have a nerve of steel,” Ji shared, “I think I’m still the same now. I make an effort not to let people see that I’m feeling overwhelmed.”

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Does he have special plans for his upcoming break? “I don’t have grand vacation plans, to be honest,” he answered. “I’ve tried planning a few times, but they all fell through. And if there are schedule changes, nothing works out. So, I prefer to focus on genuinely experiencing and feeling things.” As for his dream getaway? “I’d love to head to the mountains. A place filled with trees, the smell of grass, and the sound of birds would be ideal,” Ji divulged.

Ji Chang Wook also dropped hints about his appetite for romantic roles. “I’d like to try my hand at romance genres. Even though Welcome to Samdal-ri could be categorized as a romantic comedy, I’d like to try a pure romance without comedy—something that can make us ponder what love is.”

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