Step Into the 90s With These AI Yearbook Photos of Your Favorite K-pop Stars

Credit: JYP Entertainment, Twice Jeongyeon’s Instagram

If you didn’t know about K-Pop Idols and Korean celebrities latest Instagram Yearbook Photo Trend, you must have been nose deep in the  news regarding ‘The Worst of Evil.’ During the Chuseok holiday, many Koreans gathered with their family and took to social media to share all of their favorite happenings during the long awaited break. Chuseok is a time where Koreans and even idols take time to rest, meet with family, and honor their ancestors during the full moon. 

You can often find many idols still on the stage performing in Hanbok but it seems that idols were busier than ever keeping up with the latest trend that appeared out of the blue and dominated our Instagram feeds this year. The trend utilized AI technology to generate pictures of idols as if they were featured in American Yearbook photos. In America, taking a picture and buying a yearbook that highlights the most crucial parts of the years in photos is a right of passage for every high-schooler to buy. You can see various concept photos, sports students, band geeks, cheerleaders, punk rock rebels – you name it and it is there.

If you provide several photos (8 to 12) that clearly show your faca to the app, AI will create as many as 60 profile photos reminiscent of American graduation photos from the 90s! It is no wonder even K-Pop idols and actors grew interested in this trend. Now, Are you curious to see what your favorite idols and other Korean celebrities would look like as American high schoolers? Who would you want to have class with or eat lunch with? Scroll down to see who your new high-school crush might even be.

Credit: Sky.zzal Instagram

While the boys of Seventeen themselves didn’t officially upload these photos, it appears that their yearbooks photos have blown up with popularity and tend to be the most trending amongst Korean fans. As expected, the boyish charms of all the Seventeen members surpasses the power of AI and spills through to create a manga masterpiece we never knew we needed. It makes us wonder if the boys themselves have seen just how charming they look? Since this photo went viral, many fans are collecting idols’ selfies just to see how they would appear. See all of the individual members photos here!

TWICE Jeongyeon 
Credit: Twice Jeongyeon’s Instagram

The charming member of TWICE wowed us all by delivering a plethora of styles from all of her AI yearbook photos. From punk rock to adorkable cat pictures, Jeongyeon enjoyed sharing the variety of pictures with fans and commenting which ones were her top favorite. Her cat picture reads “I am doing the AI yearbook trend, haha.” Jeongyeon was even bold and brave to try some of the male generated filter images and she looks outstanding. The second picture reads “This suits me best.” Which style do you prefer? Which style do you think absolute suits Jeongyeon?

Lee Min Jung 
Credit: Lee Min Jung’s Instagram

The famous Boys Over Flowers star looks stunning in her graduation photos. As if she were a student studying abroad, Lee Min Jung‘s mature looks give her the sense of being a model student who would study well. Clearly she wouldn’t have any time to be playing around with boys and getting stuck in a love triangle… right?! The powerful and iconic Clueless suit seems to fit her the best and she can finally play the role of the super sassy rich girl in class who probably pays for tutors to do her homework for her. 

B1A4 Baro 
Credit: Baro’s Instagram

The manly rapper of B1A4 took to the trends and showcased just how hot and handsome he would be if he appeared in an American yearbook. Captain of the basketball team? Student council president? Perhaps just the bad boy who snoozes through music and art class. Either way, Baro also makes us wish we could be in high school again. B1A4 shared their graduation photos in the past, but these AI photos definitely pay the bills in the looks department. Baro is someone you would love to send a confession note to. 

Kim Nayoung 
Credit: Kim Na Young’s Instagram

The talented comedian has always been a real fashion icon. Since Kim Nayoung’s debut in the international fashion scene, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see her being “Best Dressed” in an American yearbook. The classic 90’s tan paired with fashion pieces that are currently trending now in Korea make it almost seem like she took these pictures just yesterday and is excited to be sharing them with you. Just like other celebrities, she couldn’t resist jumping on the trend and seeing how splendid she would like in an American yearbook – now we know who we are asking to the dance!

2AM Jo Kwon 
Credit: Jo Kwon’s Instagram

While fans know Jo Kwon to be the ultimate sass-queen, it seems that his yearbook photos tell a different story. Jo Kwon’s photos have a gentle and soft appearance that can’t help but make him appear a little nerdy. He was definitely serving “I’m president of the book club,” vibes from start to finish. Even if he has a nerdy appearance, he is the lovable nerd we would fight anu bully for. Of course, on his Instagram Jo Kwon shared many chic photos too, but these ones are absolute gold. 

Yoo Byung Jae 
Caption Byung Jae Instagram

The famous comedian and actor became captain of the football team in his yearbook photos. Amongst many gagmen and celebrities, Yoo Byung Jae‘s photo seems to continue to be the representative photo of the AI trend. Although his distinct look can’t go unrecognized, Yoo Byung Jae looks rugged and appears as if he may be the high school heartbreaker – no? Going through all the photos makes us wonder what kind of student he really was in high school. Take a moment to scroll through his charming photos here!

Yoo Jae Suk 
Credit: Jae Suk’s Instagram

This comedian never misses a chance to do something hilarious. As expected, gag men Jae Suk and Myungsoo took a viral trend and turned it into something ridiculous as they shared their amusingly charming photos on their Instagram pages. As expected, K-Netizens enjoyed seeing their styles and noted how the AI images altered idols and other celebrities to be more irresistibly charming, however, Jae Suk’s key features stood out and made him look remarkably handsome. What do you think of his new AI look?

BONUS: G.O.D Park Jun Hyung 
Credit: G.O.D Park Jun Hyung Instagram

This celebrity doesn’t need any AI to make his debut in an American yearbook. Park Jun Hyung spent his high school days actually studying in America and has the official yearbook photo to prove it. Although it isn’t the most flattering photo, the proof is there and beats any AI-made yearbook photo. 


In other news, the creators of the AI app generating the photos called EPIC even started monetizing the service for around W5,500 Korean won (roughly $3.50 USD) and sold out their exclusive packages. Epic also ranked first the app store for ‘most popular apps’ within Korea.

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