Han Ji Min Reflects on the Fan Reactions and Hidden Twists of ‘Behind Your Touch’

Credit: JTBC

Fresh off the finale of JTBC’s Behind Your Touch, Han Ji Min sat down to spill the behind-the-scenes story.

In the drama, Han Ji Min has garnered applause for her portrayal of Bong Ye Bun, a character who somehow gains psychometry abilities and unwittingly plays a significant role in solving crimes.

Regarding memorable fan reactions, the actress said, “This project brought in a lot of varied feedback. From comments on the scene where I eat sundae and rice soup, like ‘Han Ji-min would be great at mukbang,’ to speculations that Sun Woo (Suho) might actually be Geum Sil—they were all very intriguing.” She added, “Viewers even suspected Ye Bun to be the culprit, and expected a body swap when Su Woo grabbed my hand. It was fascinating to see how vivid the viewers’ imaginations were. And it was intriguing that this project allowed such imaginations.”

Credit: JTBC

Moreover, she revealed Suho’s reactions to the unexpected romance between Ye Bun and Jang Yeol (Lee Min Ki). “It was something we didn’t necessarily feel while filming. So, it was a pleasant surprise to see viewers pick up on that.”

As for keeping the serial killer’s identity under wraps until the latter half of the show, Han Ji Min said, “The director told me who the killer was in the early stages of filming.”

“Guessing the killer was a big thing on the set. Suho even asked me if he was the culprit, and I couldn’t say anything,” she continued. She described her awe at Park Hyuk Kwon’s portrayal of the unsuspecting shaman. “I got chills every time I saw his innocent demeanor, knowing he was the killer. It was extraordinary to observe his performance that calculated everything,” she shared.

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