Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung Go Candid About Navigating Their 10-Year Marriage

Credit: Allure Korea YouTube

Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung talked about whether they’ve hit the marriage doldrums.

On the 27th, Allure Korea uploaded a cute video featuring the delightful conversation with Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung on its YouTube channel.

This celebrity power couple is marking their 10th year of wedded bliss. When asked by a subscriber, “Where can I find my dream guy?” Lee Bo Young quipped, “Dream guy doesn’t exist. You can’t find them. It’s not happening.” To which Ji Sung chuckled, “So, I’m not your dream guy? I know the type you like.”

According to Lee, their relationship is a perfect balance. When posed with the question, “Have you ever lost the spark?” she candidly responded, “It never did while we were dating, but after getting married and having a child, things got a little tough.” Ji Sung, surprised, asked, “When did we have time to lose the spark? Weren’t we constantly busy?” Lee Bo Young elaborated, “We were so swamped that our focus shifted towards our child. The second time wasn’t as hard, but the first was a new experience and it was difficult, leading to some irritability.”

Ji Sung quickly chimes in, “I’ve never been irritated.” He continued, “It’s natural for couples to experience slumps. We were busy throughout our dating and marriage, so there was never an opportunity for a slump.”

So, what made this couple tie the knot? Ji Sung confessed his deepest affection for his wife, “She gives me strength. She has helped me live my life with more courage.” Lee Bo Young reciprocates the sentiment, “My husband has always been on my side. He’s never criticized me, even when I was wrong. He’s always supportive.”

Will we ever get a project with both of them in it? Lee Bo Young laughed, “I’m open to it if the project is good, but seeing his face while acting might be challenging.”

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