‘Vigilante’ Starring Nam Joo Hyuk Drops Thrilling Trailer Ahead of Its November Premiere

vigilante nam joo hyuk
vigilante nam joo hyuk
Credit: Disney Plus

Disney Plus has released a teaser poster and trailer for Vigilante, featuring Nam Joo Hyuk, Lee Joon Hyuk and Yoo Ji Tae, ahead of its November release.

Vigilante is an action-packed thriller series centered around Kim Ji Young, a passionate police academy student who upholds the law during the day and transforms into a vigilante during the night.  This gripping series follows his perilous journey as he battles various adversaries, taking justice into his own hands to punish wrongdoers.

The new poster features Nam Joo Hyuk as Kim Ji Young in a police uniform, with his shadow stretching down a rainy street, hinting at his dual identity.

The teaser begins with him warning, “You should’ve spent your life in regret. But now, blame the law for letting you go free,” as he delivers justice upon those fleeing it.

Later, Jo Hean (Yoo Ji Tae), the head of the investigation team, arrives at the scene. He says, “This isn’t something that anyone can do. The person behind this must be extremely determined and insanely righteous.” He senses that there’s more to the situation and decides to delve into the case. Meanwhile, Vigilante’s work of justice deeply inspires Choi Mi Ryo (Kim So Jin). She states, “People want a hero like this,” as she writes a headline-worthy news article about him. The scene then shifts to wealthy heir Cho Kang Ok (Lee Joon Hyuk), enthusiastically cheering, “A heroic vigilante taking down the bad guys, that’s amazing!”

Vigilante will drop on November 8th.

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Source: Disney Plus

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