Park Eun Bin Becomes Aspiring Singer Stranded on Desert Island in ‘Castaway Diva’ Teaser

castaway diva netflix
Credit: tvN

tvN has released the first teaser trailer for its upcoming Saturday-Sunday drama, Castaway Diva.

The new trailer begins with Seo Mok Ha (played by Park Eun Bin) piling up stones to send an SOS message. With her saying, “I am Seo Mok Ha on a desert island,” the clip provides a glimpse into her daily life on a deserted island, where she has been living alone for 15 years. She reflects, “Today, I saw myself in the distant future,” as she strives to make the most of each day, aiming to overcome her challenging reality and fulfill her dreams.

She never gives up her hopes even in the the worst situation.  As the narrative suggests, “A woman who has been forgotten for 15 years but has not given up on her dreams is coming,” viewers are left curious about whether Mok Ha will ultimately achieve her long-held dreams.

As the video implies,Castaway Diva promises to deliver a heartwarming tale of personal growth centered around the resilient Seo Mok Ha. There is significant anticipation surrounding how Park Eun Bin will bring this new character to life and convey hopeful messages to those who may feel isolated on their own deserted islands.

Castaway Diva will premiere in October.

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