Netflix’s ‘Hong Rang’ Announces Epic Casting Lineup: Lee Jae Wook, Jo Bo Ah, Jung Ga Ram & More

lee jae wook netflix
lee jae wook netflix
Credit: Netflix

Netflix has officially greenlit the production of the mystery historical romance drama Hong Rang, and dropped the curtain to reveal an all-star cast featuring Lee Jae Wook, Jo Bo Ah, Jung Ga Ram, Uhm Ji Won, Park Byung Eun, and Kim Jae Wook.

Based on the novel Tan Geum: Swallowing Gold by acclaimed author Jang Da Hye, Hong Rang promises to shatter period drama stereotypes with its fresh take and captivating characters. The tale begins when the missing heir to a powerful merchant family, Hong Rang (Lee Jae Wook), returns as a twenty-year-old man. The series will explore the intricate relationships, forbidden romances, and deep mysteries entwining the characters, all hiding their own agendas.

The show is directed by Kim Hong Sun, a talent who has previously dazzled us with genre-bending shows like Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area, The Guest, and more. Dr. Brain screenwriter Kim Jin Ah joins the team, amplifying expectations for a well-crafted historical drama.

The casting lineup is equally riveting. Alchemy of Souls star Lee Jae Wook will portray Hong Rang, who mysteriously reappears after a 12-year absence, memory wiped and harboring secrets. Tale of the Nine Tailed actress Jo Bo Ah plays his half-sister, Jae Yi, who’s been desperately searching for Hong Rang. She’ll intricately depict the emotional shift of Jae Yi, who becomes increasingly enamored with the returned Hong Rang, yet harbors suspicions. Stepping into the shoes of Moo Jin, the adopted son who took Hong Rang’s place, is Love Alarm lead Jung Ga Ram. Moo Jin will lock horns with the newly-returned Hong Rang, adding a layer of tension to a complicated love triangle.

Uhm Ji Won transforms into Min Yeon Ui, a mother willing to go to any lengths to find her lost son. Additionally, Park Byung Eun portrays Hong Rang and Jae Yi’s father Sim Yeol Guk, who continues making cold-hearted choices for his ambition. Kim Jae Wook makes his return to period dramas after 15 years, playing Han Pyeong Dae Gun, the King’s sole sibling and an avid art aficionado.

With a mix of romance, mystery, and tantalizing family dynamics, Hong Rang is poised to become Netflix’s next binge-worthy sensation.


Source: Netflix

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