Netflix’s ‘Ballerina’ Reveals Riveting Character Stills of Jeon Jong Seo, Kim Ji Hoon and Park Yu Rim

ballerina jeon jong seo
ballerina jeon jong seo
Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s upcoming film Ballerina laid down the gauntlet with newly released character stills that highlight the visceral intensity of a trio entangled in a bloody tale of vengeance.

This new action movie follows Ok Ju (Jeon Jong Seo) as she hunts down Choi Pro (Kim Ji Hoon), the malevolent force responsible for the death of Min Hee (Park Yu Rim), Ok Ju’s friend and ballerina.

The newly released pictures from the series captures the smoldering gaze of Ok Ju, a former bodyguard, streaked with blood. Driven by a relentless pursuit of revenge for her dear friend Min Hee, pushed to death by Choi Pro, Ok Ju stops at nothing. Armed to the teeth with guns, knives, and a killer skill set on a motorcycle, she promises to deliver a breakneck pace of action. Especially worth noting is Jeon Jong Seo’s transformation into this merciless avenger, stirring up high anticipation for her next compelling performance.

ballerina jeon jong seo
Credit: Netflix

Kim Ji Hoon plays the man at the crux of the revenge saga, Choi Pro, who always commands a strong presence regardless of genre. Photos of Choi Pro lounging in a plush mansion in stark contrast to his scarred face inflame curiosity about how he drove Min Hee to her doom and what kind of showdown we can expect with Ok Ju.

ballerina jeon jong seo
Credit: Netflix

Park Yu Rim, who previously wowed audiences in Drive My Car, takes on the role of Min Hee, the ballerina and the sole friend who introduced Ok Ju to the joys of life. Stills showcasing Min Hee’s cheerful charm and her intensely contrasting black-and-white ballet performance shots tantalize us with a glimpse into her bright yet uneasy character.

Packing a punch with a story entangled in a web of bloody revenge, Netflix’s Ballerina will captivate global audiences with its audacious storytelling and trend-setting action, courtesy of director Lee Chung Hyun.

Meanwhile, Ballerina will pirouette onto Netflix screens on October 6th.

Source: Netflix

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