3 Shockingly Clever Improvised Scenes From Netflix’s ‘Mask Girl’

Credit: Netflix

Mask Girl quickly rose to the top of Korea’s Netflix Top 10 shortly after its release. Following this success, the series climbed to the No. 3 spot on Netflix’s Weekly Top 10 chart for non-English series.

Based on a popular webtoon of the same name, Mask Girl stunned many viewers with its vivid depiction of the societal issue of lookism. Since its release, the drama has attracted significant attention due to its cast lineup and their cleverly improvised scenes.

In Mask Girl, Ahn Jae Hong portrays Joo Oh Nam, a Japanese animation enthusiast who is deeply engrossed in online camgirls. Upon discovering that his colleague Mo Mi is his favorite camgirl, his obsession intensifies to an uncontrollable level. Fans who watched his performance in the show highly praised him for his impeccable portrayal of an eccentric man infatuated with Japanese anime culture. Particularly noteworthy is the scene in which he confesses his love to Kim Mo Mi (played by Lee Han Byeol) in his imagination. In this scene, he utters the phrase “I love you” in Korean and then repeats it in Japanese – “Aishiteru!” Learning that he improvised this creepy yet iconic scene, fans have been showering him with accolades for his acting.

Credit: Netflix

Nana, who portrays Mo Mi after undergoing plastic surgery, has captured considerable attention for her impromptu scenes in the show. While in prison, Mo Mi persistently responds aggressively to the underlings of Ahn Eun Sook, the most authoritative figure there. Once she eventually strikes an accord with them, she offers a peace sign to her closest fellow inmate. In this particular scene, fans lauded Nana for depicting her daring character with a subtle yet remarkably clever hand gesture.

Credit: Netflix

Lee Jun Young‘s impromptu scene also captured the attention of many viewers. Within the series, the actor portrays Choi Bu Yong, the abusive ex-boyfriend of Kim Chun Ae (Han Jae Yi), who used to exploit her during his days as an idol trainee. Following his debut as an idol, he suddenly becomes entangled in a scandal and eventually realizes that Chun Ae was the cause of all his troubles. Although the scene where he spits in response to her question wasn’t originally scripted, the actor delivered a genuine portrayal of an abusive boyfriend through his improvisation.

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