NCT’s Mark Chooses Mercy Over Punishment for Online Troll

NCT Mark
NCT Mark
Credit: SBS News

In an unprecedented act of leniency, NCT’s Mark has decided to extend mercy to an online troll.

On the 21st, SM Entertainment unveiled the details of the ongoing legal proceedings regarding the malicious comments and slander targeted at NCT’s members.

The agency stated, “Mark expressed a wish to show leniency considering that the suspect is a minor and is reflecting on their actions.” However, Mark has decided on leniency.

The company explained, “Our intention was to respond with zero tolerance to protect our artist. But the suspect is a minor, and they deeply reflected on their wrongdoing and sought forgiveness. In accordance with Mark’s wish to show leniency, we have agreed to grant clemency in this exceptional case, by accepting an official apology and promises of non-recurrence, rather than pursuing punishment.”

The suspect expressed regret, stating, “I resent why I took such a foolish action. Someone was deeply hurt by what I wrote. And that hurt comes back like a boomerang.”

However, SM still warned of a tough stance against online trolls. They emphasized, “We are collecting and reporting malicious posts, filing numerous complaints, and investigating them.” They continued, “We will take severe legal action to root out illegal activities against our artists,” and concluded, “We will do our utmost to protect our artists.”

Meanwhile, NCT is set to hold a group concert “NCT Nation: To The World” at Incheon Munhak Stadium’s main arena on the 26th. They will also release their 4th full album Golden Age on the 28th.

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