‘See You in My 19th Life’ Final Episode Recap: Ahn Bo Hyun Confesses His Love for Shin Hye Sun in Her New Life

See You in My 19th Life final episode
See You in My 19th Life final episode
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tvN’s See You in My 19th Life concluded with a happy ending for Shin Hye Sun and Ahn Bo Hyun. 

In the final episode, Ban Ji Eum (played by Shin Hye Sun) realized that the curse of remembering past lives originated from herself. She expressed gratitude to Moon Soo Ha (Ahn Bo Hyun), who had cared for her in both her current and previous lives. Afterward, Ban Ji Eum found Kang Min Ki (Lee Chae Min) and he asked for forgiveness from her.


Ban Ji Eum decided to live a life without remembering her past life, but the responsibility that came with this decision was immense. If she chose to end the life where she remembered her past, all the memories and connections from her previous life would disappear.

Seeing Ban Ji Eum troubled by her decision, Moon Soo Ha said, “I’ll go to you. I believe the Ban Ji Eum that I know will love me even if she doesn’t recognize me. I’m confident that I can keep you by my side. Don’t worry and just go. From now on, I’ll remember everything.” He promised to find Ban Ji Eum first, and therefore, she reset all her memories of her past life.

Afterward, Seo Ha, Cho Won (Ha Yoon Kyung), Ha Do Yoon (Ahn Dong Goo) and Kim Ae Kyung (Cha Chung Hwa) approached Ban Ji Eum. Moon Soo Ha said, “If it’s still unsure, why don’t you try dating me? I’ll ask you out three times from today on. If you say no every time, I’ll give you up and there.” Then, he confessed, saying, “Will you date me? This is my first confession in this life,” and thus, their connection continued anew.

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