‘The Uncanny Counter 2’ Introduces Powerful Counters With a New Addition

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The Uncanny Counter 2: Counter Punch dropped the character posters and videos revealing the unparalleled abilities of Jo Byung Kyu, Yu Jun Sang, Kim Se Jeong, Yum Hye Ran, Ahn Seok Hwan, and rookie Counter Yoo In Soo.

This new upcoming action-packed series released character posters and videos, showcasing the specialized skills and combat prowess of the six Counters following the previous releases for Jin Sun Kyu (playing Ma Joo Seok), Kang Ki Young (Phil Kwang), and Kim Hieora (Gelly).

The Uncanny Counter 2 is an exhilarating, demon-slaying hero story. The “Counters,” demon hunters now with a new recruit, take on increasingly wicked terrestrial demons. The original webtoon accumulated 1.6 billion views. The first series recorded the highest viewership rating ever for an OCN drama, providing thrilling catharsis from dynamic action based on the unprecedented concept of demon hunting.

So Moon (Jo Byung Kyu) has grown from a Counter with amazing abilities into a master of telekinesis. Especially, as Phil Kwang shares the same telekinetic powers, their unparalleled telekinetic showdown is already heightening excitement. Meanwhile, interest is piqued in So Moon’s weakness. It was Ma Joo Seok who rescued So Moon’s grandmother Lee Joo Shil. Eyes are drawn to why he has gone from his savior to his weakness.

Ga Mo Tak, with his monstrous strength, blows away demons with a single punch at crucial moments.

Do Ha Na (Kim Se Jeong) plunges into grueling spartan training to feel demons not only with her eyes but also with her body with So Moon’s help. Moreover, Gelly’s supernatural ability is also psychometry like Do Ha Na, which allows reading others’ memories. That’s why the showdown between the two is another key point to look for.

In addition, Choo Mae Ok (Yum Hye Ran) continues to be a warm-hearted healer, providing warm comfort by serving a bowl of noodles to her neighbors. But another thing to note is her weakness, “that child from 9 years ago.”

On the other hand, despite having less speed and power than the other Counters, Choi Jang Mool (Ahn Seok Hwan) insists he will never lose to equipment, given being a billionaire. Anticipation grows for the retired chairman Choi Jang Mool, forced back into fieldwork, to perform against the demons.

Finally, the rookie Counter Na Jeok Bong (Yoo In Soo), previously hidden behind the veil, is revealed. He has the ability that allows him to find demons through smell alone even without the territory. Although he was selected as a rookie Counter due to his noble spirit of self-sacrifice for others, his body and mind seem to go their separate ways, causing trouble for the Counters. Expectations are rising for his dramatic growth, who will go from being a rookie Counter to the Counters’ ace in the hole.

Meanwhile, the new tvN weekend drama The Uncanny Counter 2: Counter Punch will premiere at 9:20 PM on the 29th.


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