‘See You in My 19th Life’ Episode 6 Recap: Ahn Bo Hyun Learns the Truth Behind Shin Hye Sun’s Death

See You in My 19th Life recap
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Episode 6 of tvN’s See You in My 19th Life unveils the mystery surrounding the death of Yoon Joo Won (played by Kim Sia) in a car accident.


Ban Ji Eum (Shin Hye Sun) confesses her true identity as Joo Won to Yoon Cho Won (Ha Yoon Kyung) and expresses her deep affection for her family.

Yoon Cho Won tries not to believe it, but she becomes confused when Ban Ji Eum tells her the detailed events from a long time ago. Eventually, when her mother (Kang Myung Joo) mentioned how Ji Eum, who said she would come see them again if she was reborn, was “special yet strange,” Cho Won rushed to find Ban Ji Eum and burst into tears.

It was revealed that there was a hidden truth behind the car accident that killed Ban Ji Eum (Shin Hye Sun) in her past life. Ban Dong Woo (Moon Dong Hyuk), Ji Eum’s older brother, overheard the CEO of Wonjo Capital, Moon Seo Ha (Ahn Bo Hyun), saying, “It wasn’t an accident. An innocent person died, and I was terrified.” Dong Woo informs Moon Seo Ha about this fact to bag money, and Ban Ji Eum also threatens the CEO of Wonjo Capital upon realizing that her past life’s death was a homicide.

The episode ended with Ji Eum waiting for Seo Ha in front of his house and giving him a warm hug, offering comfort as he appeared exhausted both physically and emotionally.

Meanwhile, part-timer Min Ki (Lee Chae Min) was always present whenever Ban Ji Eum became entangled with her past life connections. Moreover, he further piqued curiosity by remarking, “You still have no idea how complicated things can get when you become involved with people from your past life.”

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