Yena’s ‘Hate Rodrigo’ MV Taken Down Following Objections from Olivia Rodrigo’s Side

hate rodrigo meaning
hate rodrigo meaning

The controversy over Yena’s recent track “Hate Rodrigo” only worsened after the music video got taken down following objections from Olivia Rodrigo’s team.


On the afternoon of the 27th, Yena held a media showcase for her second single album, HATE XX. As this was her comeback to the music scene after five months, Yena expressed her gratitude to fans, saying, “I’m thrilled to offer a great performance for those who’ve been eagerly waiting for this album.”

Yena also revealed her passionate approach to creating the album: “I worked on this album with happiness and pure enjoyment. Instead of feeling drained, I couldn’t wait to work on it and share it with my fans.” However, this excitement was short-lived.

hate rodrigo meaning
Credit: “Hate Rodrigo” MV

Only two days later, news broke that the music video for the title track “Hate Rodrigo” was set to private following a request from Rodrigo’s camp. Some speculated that Rodrigo’s side had raised copyright issues given the many pictures of the singer in the music video.

Yena’s album HATE XX represents a leap in her musical journey. The title track, “Hate Rodrigo (Feat. Yuqi of (G)I-DLE),” expresses cute jealousy towards Rodrigo, the object of her admiration, with the phrase “I hate anyone doing better than me!” Yena contributed to the songwriting and composing, while Yuqi of (G)I-DLE added extra charm to the song.

However, using the name of Olivia Rodrigo, who is currently active in the industry, in the title, coupled with the word “hate,” which carries a negative connotation, and lyrics that insinuate swearing, sparked concerns. At the time, Yena addressed the controversy, saying, “I’ve expressed my cute jealousy towards my star and object of admiration in a way that isn’t offensive but rather adorable.”

Despite Yena’s intentions, the controversy is expected to deepen following not only the ongoing title dispute but now the request from Rodrigo’s team to take down the music video. As the dispute unfolds, it appears this contentious track is likely to continue dominating the headlines.

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