Netflix Unveils Trailer and Poster for Exciting New Reality Show ‘Nineteen to Twenty’

nineteen to twenty netflix

nineteen to twenty netflix

Netflix has released the main poster and trailer for its upcoming show titled Nineteen to Twenty.


The series revolves around a group of 19-year-olds as they embark on the final week of their teens, learning practical life skills before entering their twenties.

The main poster features two leads in school uniforms, sharing an affectionate gaze while seated in a desk chair. Their sweet smiles complement the sunlight streaming in through the curtains behind them. The text at the top reads, ‘Last Flutter of Teenage Excitement, First Love Excitement in Your Twenties – Addictive Youth Reality Show’ This image is bound to stir up nostalgic memories of one’s own school days.

The main trailer captures the attention as a group of 19-year-olds embark on their last week before entering their twenties. The video transitions to a shot of a chalkboard that reads ‘No Dating,’ followed by a male student stating, ‘Humans are naturally drawn to what you are told not to do.’ This raises curiosity about the evolving dynamics of relationships among Zoomers. All eyes are on the experiences they will encounter as they spend their first week in their twenties at the ‘Twenty House,’ learning to take responsibility for their choices as newfound adults with freedom.

Producer Kim Jae Won expressed, ‘Viewers will witness the cast members quickly navigating their way through immaturity while experiencing a range of emotions through friendships and love on the show. I hope this program will allow us to reminisce about the memories we all shared as immature and innocent kids.’

Nineteen to Twenty premieres on July 11th.

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Source: Netflix

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