Lee Do Hyun’s Adorable Confession About Dating Lim Ji Yeon Amidst a Busy Life: “I Find It Amazing”

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While talking about juggling three projects together, Lee Do Hyun has also opened up about dating Lim Ji Yeon.

On May 13th, Lee Do Hyun, who played the character Choi Kang Ho in the JTBC drama The Good Bad Mother, conducted an interview about wrapping up the drama.

The actor revealed that he was shooting three different projects at the same time while filming The Good Bad Mother. In addition to the JTBC series, he made a special appearance in another project and starred in the movie Exhuma. He noted, “I had no choice but to memorize scripts during my commute. I would read scripts on the train from Busan to Paju, in the car, and of course, as soon as I returned to my accommodation.”

Despite his packed schedule, Lee Do Hyun went public with his relationship with Lim Ji Yeon, with whom he co-starred in The Glory in April. When asked about balancing a demanding work schedule and a blossoming relationship, he chuckled and said, “I find it amazing too.”

He added, “She’s also incredibly busy with filming. I felt guilty asking her to watch my show when it was airing because she was so occupied.”

Lee Do Hyun continued, “I’m not even sure if she did manage to watch it. But after every airing, she would congratulate me and mention the ratings, which suggests she did.”

When asked about how his life has changed after his relationship had hit the wire, the actor responded, “I don’t think much has changed.” He added, “The main difference is that now, I have someone to talk to. Before, I used to talk to my dog, but now, I have a person to converse with.”

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