Late Astro Member Moon Bin’s Mom Thanks Fans But Requests End to Rumors

Credit: Fantagio

The late Moon Bin’s mother has expressed her gratitude to fans while appealing for a cessation to the rumors surrounding her son’s passing.


On May 13th, Moon Bin’s talent agency Fantagio released a statement on ASTRO’s official fan cafe that began, “We deeply apologize for delivering such heartbreaking news.” The agency then proceeded to share a letter written by Moon Bin’s mother.

In her message, Moon Bin’s mother first thanked fans for their outpouring of support, saying, “I have received much comfort from fans’ letters, flowers, and heartfelt condolences. I sincerely thank you all.”

The letter’s primary purpose, however, was to address the rumors surrounding her son’s untimely death. “The rumors are hard to bear as his mother,” she wrote. She voiced her concern that these rumors are hurting many people and causing distress to the fans who genuinely miss her son. She made a plea to end the spread of such misinformation, stating, “I hope my son doesn’t become the subject of gossip for others, and I hope that people stop producing unconfirmed rumors.”

In the wake of Moon Bin’s sudden death, some fans created a blog demanding a clear explanation regarding the circumstances of Moon Bin’s passing.

They requested disclosure of the cause of death, claiming that while the agency insists on calling it a “suicide” and suggests that Moon Bin suffered from depression, the official cause remains “undetermined.” However, it should be noted that the police had previously stated, “There are no signs of foul play or suspicion of a crime,” yet, some have raised a conspiracy theory of “murder.”

The group also alleged overwork, claiming that “Fantagio knew Moon Bin was not in good health but scheduled excessive overseas activities without providing sufficient time for recovery.” Moreover, they criticized Fantagio’s management and post-incident handling and announced plans to release a public statement if the agency failed to respond.

In response to these claims, Moon Bin’s mother decided to step forward, denying the claims and making a heartfelt request not to exploit her son’s death in this manner.

Moon Bin passed away at his home in Gangnam, Seoul on April 19th, aged just 25. The funeral was conducted privately, and the burial site has not been publicly disclosed per the family’s wishes.

Fantagio intends to keep Moon Bin’s mother’s letter on display for a limited time before taking it down from the fan cafe.

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