Ma Dong Seok’s ‘The Roundup: No Way Out’ Lands 4th Place in Worldwide Box Office

the roundup no way out
the roundup no way out
Credit: ABO Entertainment

Ma Dong Seok’s action thriller The Roundup: No Way Out has secured the 4th spot at the worldwide box office, according to the global box office tracking site Comscore.


Today, ABiO Entertainment announced that the third installment of The Outlaws franchise raked in $25.38 million in sales on Comscore on the 7th, making it the fourth-highest-grossing film worldwide. The figures are indicative of a strong domestic and international performance, reflecting the film’s simultaneous release in Mongolia, Hong Kong & Macau, North America, Taiwan, and Vietnam. These sales surpass the $10.72 million earned by its predecessor The Roundup at a similar point in its release.

Credit: ABO Entertainment

International media have praised the film, with reviews including: “A further celebration of the intricate simplicity present in the fashion of Korean cinema, and especially its presentation of the action genre” (The AU Review), “A new sequel, ‘The Roundup: No Way Out,’ delivers more episodic thrills… it goes down a little smoother and is notably slicker.” (RogerEbert), and “the filmmakers know exactly what audiences want—star Ma Dong-seok punching dudes very, very hard and being droll and hilarious as he does—and delivers a substantial amount of that. And it is good.” (The Last Thing I See). The Roundup: No Way Out has also maintained a freshness rating of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes (as of the 8th).

Meanwhile, The Roundup: No Way Out will roll out in additional markets, starting with Indonesia and the Philippines on the 7th, followed by Australia & New Zealand on the 8th, the UK on the 9th, Thailand on the 15th, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos on the 22nd, Myanmar on the 23rd, and various Middle Eastern countries on the 29th. As such, global earnings are expected to grow even further.

As of today, this action flick has attracted 6,459,759 moviegoers domestically. If the current trend continues, the film will surpass 8 million by the weekend and potentially become a 10-million blockbuster by the following weekend.

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Source: ABO Entertainment

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