Lee Na Young on Meeting Suga and How Won Bin Reacted to Her Comeback Drama ‘One Day Off’

lee na young drama
lee na young drama
Credit: Wavve

Lee Na Young recently discussed her long-awaited comeback in the Wavve original series One Day Off during an interview.


The series portrays a heartwarming tale about Park Ha Kyung (Lee Na Young) who embarks on a one-day trip every Saturday when she wants to disappear. Returning to the screen after four years, Lee Na Young has garnered much attention. She mentioned, “Everyone has their own pace. There are no rules defining gaps. The variety of genres is diverse these days, and characters are diverse too.”

Last month, Lee Na Young made headlines by appearing on “Suchwita,” a show hosted by SUGA released on BTS’ YouTube channel “BANTANTV.” The actress shared, “The timing was just right. I like the word ‘person,’ and I heard SUGA’s song ‘Person.’ The lyrics caught my eye.” She added, “There weren’t many places discussing people and travel, but I thought I could convey it well.”

Although she met SUGA for the first time, they just hit it off. Lee Na Young confessed, “The conversation went smoothly, and we unexpectedly shared similarities. It felt like I had met the person, Min Yoongi (SUGA’s real name).” She also expressed gratitude, “He led the conversation well and shared his own stories since I was nervous. It was a fun and memorable experience.”

When asked about her husband Won Bin’s return, she responded, “I’m usually careful and slow when deciding on something, and he’s like me. He is earnestly reading through scripts.” She delightfully added, “When he watches good films, he does feel jealous. He will return soon. Please wait a little longer.”

Lee Na Young also shared Won Bin’s reaction to One Day Off. “He read the scripts with me, and he thought it’d suit me well. The editing and music were more structured and well-made than I thought, and we both enjoyed watching it together.”

One Day Off was released on Wavve on May 31st.

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