Kim Seon Ho Hits Gym With Kim Jong Kook, Talks About Upcoming Film ‘The Childe’

the childe kim seon ho
the childe kim seon ho

Kim Seon Ho guest appeared on Kim Jong Kook’s YouTube channel, GYM JONG KOOK


This was Kim Jong Kook’s first time meeting Kim Seon Ho in person, and when asked about the experience, he replied, “It’s a whole new vibe. He’s got broad shoulders and stands so tall, it’s almost a waste to see him sitting down.”

Seon Ho humbly replied, “I actually took a two-month break from exercising.” He continued, “I used to think I was in decent shape until I saw you looking so fit. Now I’m completely amazed.” He jokingly added, “I’ve been hitting the gym really hard for the past two days just for this show,” causing everyone to burst into laughter.

Seon Ho proudly showed a cap he received from his favorite gym. Joong Kook asked, “How long have you been working out with a personal trainer?” Seon Ho confidently replied, “It’s been a year. When it comes to lifting light weights, no one can match me. I’ve been told that my form with lighter weights is excellent.”

The actor is making a comeback on the big screen with the movie The Childe. He revealed, “I managed to lose around twenty pounds in a short period of time. Interestingly, I didn’t workout during the filming. Although I used to have slightly visible abs, my usual exercise routine is more about maintaining a sense of calmness and focus than for other reasons. Usually, I don’t work out when I’m on a filming project.”

Kim Jong Kook commented, “With your good physique, you have the potential to build a great body by adding more muscle. Just imagine handsome faces with muscular bodies. That combination is a powerful asset, especially for breaking into Hollywood.” In response, Seon Ho jokingly replied, “Well, I haven’t received any offers yet, so that might be why.”

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