Netflix’s ‘Celebrity’ Gets June Release Date and New Teasers

celebrity kdrama netflix
celebrity kdrama netflix
Credit: Netflix

Netflix confirmed the release date for its new series Celebrity starring Park Gyu Young along with its new poster and trailer.


Celebrity is about Ah Ri who jumps into the world where fame brings riches. The story follows her journey as she faces the true reality of the glamorous yet competitive lives of celebrities.

The teaser poster features Ah Ri (played by Park Gyu Young) as  a top star along, with the image of the social media that made her who she is now and the text that starkly contrasts with the image.

The teaser trailer raises curiosity about how Seo Ah Ri became a top celebrity overnight and what secrets she will be revealing about the social media influencer.

The clip also captures various characters includingCEO Han Joon Kyung (Kang Min Hyuk) who grew fond of Ah Ri, Yoon Shi Hyun (Lee Chung Ah) who is the envy of everyone despite having no social media account, Jin Tae Jeon (Lee Dong Gun) who is married with Si Hyun and works for a large law firm, and Oh Min Hye (Jun Hyosung) who is Ah Ri’s childhood friend and owns a personal brand—who will be experiencing a whirlwind of events that happen in the entertainment industry.

Director Kim Chul Gyu stated that he wanted to “clearly highlight the desire to rise in rank” through the story of influencers who attract money and power based on their follower number and the public who pays great attention to them.

Celebrity will drop on June 30th.

Source: Netflix

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