Lee Seung Gi Expresses His Deep Love for Wife Lee Da In on TV

lee seung gi lee da in
lee seung gi lee da in
Credit: Chosun TV

Lee Seung Gi showed his love for his wife, Lee Da In, on TV Chosun’s Brother Ramyeon.

The May 29th episode of the show treated viewers to a delightful scene featuring Lee Seung Gi, Kang Ho Dong, and Bae In Hyuk enjoying a late-night snack together. As Seung Gi took a picture of the delicious food, Ho Dong curiously inquired about the recipient of the photo. Seung Gi replied, “To my wife. She’s my wife now,” before affectionately sharing stories about her. 

Curiosity piqued, and Ho Dong couldn’t resist asking Seung Gi, “Did you propose to her?” Seung Gi humbly responded, “Many might assume I did something extraordinary, but it was just a simple verbal proposal. Nothing special.”

The singer also shared, “Da In and I have discussed the kind of life we want to live together. I have a strong desire to do good things, and I appreciate how amazing Da In is as a wife. Fortunately, we share similar values, which I believe will enable us to live a happy life while also making positive contributions to society.”

Upon hearing the singer’s heartfelt words, Ho Dong was moved to tears and made a comment, saying, “These are not sad tears but happy tears.”

He went on to offer his advice, saying, “You should repay all the love you have received so far by remaining as humble as you have been. Strive to improve as an actor, singer, and entertainer, bringing even more joy and happiness to your fans.”

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