‘The Roundup: No Way Out’ Audience Reactions: ‘Way More Entertaining Than Previous Installations’

the roundup no way out
the roundup no way out
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The Outlaws has returned with its highly anticipated third installment.


On the afternoon of May 22nd, The Roundup: No Way Out had a press screening and conference at Megabox COEX in Seoul. Director Lee Sang Yong, along with actors Ma Dong Seok, Lee Joon Hyuk, and Aoki Munetaka, attended the event, receiving high praise from film industry professionals.

Below are the reactions from people who had the opportunity to see the film early:

“It looks like we have more to anticipate in the film series, just like the line from Lee Joon Hyuk, ‘Still alive?’ In The Roundup: No Way Out, we once again witness Ma Dong Seok delivering his powerful action sequences. The film offers a meticulously crafted sound, thrilling action scenes, fast-paced editing, impressive direction, and, most importantly, a well-developed storyline. The Dolby Sound enhances the overall viewing experience, making it truly satisfying.”


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“The Roundup: No Way Out successfully maintains its distinctive power and charm while avoiding clichés. It excels at delivering a perfect blend of crime-action and comedy, showcasing the impact that makes for an entertaining film.

As the third installment, there are certain predictable elements, yet the film still manages to captivate with Ma Dong Seok’s powerful presence and unexpected bursts of humor. Both sides pack a satisfying punch in their own ways. Particularly noteworthy are the lines “Are you sad?” and “It hurts” and the recurring joke about “Attorney Ju.” Unlike the previous films, the decision to establish a multi-villain framework in this third installment proves to be a clever choice.

Recognizing the foreseeable conclusion of the showdown between Ma Dong Seok and the villains, the film intelligently constructs a system that adds depth to its story without making it overly complex, ensuring a continuous injection of fun within a reasonably uncomplicated storyline. Thanks to this, it effectively proves that the series isn’t solely reliant on Ma Dong Seok’s beast-like power. Lee Joon Hyuk and Munetaka Aoki deliver impressive performances that add an unexpected thrill, just like in the previous installments. The film also presents a fresh portrayal of Ma Dong Seok, breaking free from his traditional image. Plus, the introduction of new supporting characters adds an extra layer of enjoyment. Especially notable are the characters played by Jeon Seok Ho and Ko Kyu Pil, who bring new and exciting dynamics.

Of course, as expected, Ma Dong Seok is the undeniable winner in The Roundup: No Way Out, but as we all know, that’s exactly why we watch this series. Thanks to that, we eagerly await the fourth installment.

There’s a short video that comes right after the end title but before the main end credits start rolling.”

The Roundup: No Way Out… I knew it. It takes more hits but delivers more blows and makes people laugh more while being more exhilarating. It’s the real deal. It’s a bit sad to say goodbye to the Geumcheon Police Station family in the first two films, but Ma Dong Seok’s fists, now transferred to the Metropolitan Investigation Unit, already have us anticipating the next installment. With both Korean and Japanese villains and a cast of briliant supporting characters that elicit laughter, it’s all intensely captivating.”

The Roundup: No Way Out – he may be weathered, but he still packs a punch with his unstoppable fists. It’s intriguing how Ma Dong-seok’s action sequences remain the savior of Korean mainstream cinema, no matter how times change. The film tastefully portrays drug trades and violent encounters, striking a balance to ensure a 15+ rating without excessive violence.”


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On the same day, Son Suk Ku, who portrayed the villain Kang Hae Sang in The Roundup, also chimed in with his thoughts on The Roundup: No Way Out.

Son Suk Ku wrote on his social media, “Man, even at the after-party, I couldn’t stop belting out how The Roundup: No Way Out is way more fun than the previous flicks. Love to the beloved Outlaws family! I’m so proud, and it was truly a happy experience to watch it in the theater after a long time! Everyone, make sure to check it out in theaters on the 31st. You’ll understand what I mean.”

Along with the post, Son Suk Ku shared a photo where he posed alongside Lee Joon Hyuk and Munetaka Aoki, who played villains in The Roundup: No Way Out, creating an amusing scene.

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