‘Black Knight’ Becomes the Most-Watched Non-English Series on Netflix

black knight review
black knight review
Credit: Netflix

Black Knight continues to hold its position as the top title on Netflix’s Global Top 10 list.

According to Netflix’s data, the drama accumulated 31.22 million hours of viewing within three days of its release. It entered the Top 10 list in 65 countries and became the most-watched non-English series on Netflix.

The show has been receiving favorable reviews in and out of South Korea. Sisaweek praised the drama’s uniqueness, stating, “The drama stands out by introducing new settings and characters, while still capturing the interesting worldview of the original webtoon.”

Newsculture shared their thoughts, highlighting Kim Woo Bin’s captivating performance, stating, “Kim Woo Bin effortlessely captures viewers’ attention with his perfect physique and stable acting voice, portraying the courier 5-8 character. His performance instills faith that he will rescue the people from the desolate world.”

Ready Steady Cut remarked, “If you are looking for a heart-pounding action series that you can watch in one sitting, Black Knight is the one for you.”

Viewers have also been expressing their satisfaction toward the drama, saying, “The engaging storyline, filled with a rich plot and fast-paced narrative, along with the dynamic relationships and captivating character dynamics, is truly amazing.” and “Everything about the show is flawless, from the exhilarating thrill it offers to the quick-paced storytelling and jaw-dropping action scenes that leave viewers in awe.” 

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Source : Netflix

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