IU’s Management Denounces Ongoing Plagiarism Accusations

iu plagiarism
iu plagiarism
Credit: EDAM Entertainment

IU’s agency has spoken out about the persistent plagiarism allegations against her.


On the 12th, IU’s management EDAM Entertainment, announced, “We have appointed a copyright law firm to examine the accusations of copyright infringement related to the plagiarism allegations reported on the 10th.”

They continued, “Based on what we have confirmed so far through the investigating agency and media reports, the complainant is not accusing the songwriters of plagiarism but solely targeting IU.” The agency added, “Even though some songwriters have said that it is not plagiarism, the fact that a third party, unrelated to copyright, is unfairly accusing IU reveals that the intention is solely to tarnish the artist’s image.”

EDAM went on to say, “We believe that the investigative agency will make a quick and wise decision on this clearly erroneous accusation.” They also stated, “Depending on the outcome, we will demand appropriate responsibility from the complainant who made this indiscriminate accusation.”

Recently, IU was accused of plagiarism by a non-celebrity, referred to as “A.” It is reported that “A” has raised plagiarism suspicions about six of IU’s songs, including “Good Day” and “The Red Shoes.” In response, the agency has warned, “Our company intends to proceed with strong legal measures without leniency in cases where criminal acts, such as repeated posting of defamatory and malicious content, or reproducing false information, are committed.”

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