Han So Hee and Park Chan Wook Team Up for a Captivating Advertisement

han so hee now
han so hee now
Credit: Hey Dealer

Award-winning director Park Chan Wook and actress Han So Hee recently joined forces for an innovative ad campaign.


On May 9th, the “Hey Dealer” released a behind-the-scenes video on their YouTube channel, showcasing the creative process between Park Chan Wook and Han So Hee during the commercial shoot.

Park Chan Wook shared his thoughts on collaborating with the company, stating, “I was impressed by the company’s ability to break existing rules and bring about innovation.” He added that his curiosity was piqued after hearing that the ad would incorporate scenes from his films.

Han So Hee expressed her excitement, saying, “I was absolutely thrilled to know that my favorite director, Park Chan Wook, would be participating in the project. It was a truly special experience,” about homaging famous scenes of Park Chan Wook’s movies.

Regarding Han So Hee, Park Chan Wook commented, “Her facial expressions are incredibly intriguing, and she has a face that makes you wonder what thoughts are going on inside her head.”

Following the behind-the-scenes footage, Hey Dealer released a one-minute campaign video featuring Han So Hee relentlessly chasing a used car. Saying, “Used car, I’ve seen all of your past. The time to hide is over,” gave the ad a cinematic feel.

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